In Wholeness, We Meet

Love is a mystery and has many faces. This love poetry aims for explaining how love can grow in a relationship.

In wholeness, we meet.
I am I, and you are you.
In wholeness, we meet.
Two balloons, flying together.

I see you, and you see me.
We are as we are, perfect with our imperfections.
In wholeness, we meet.
Two balloons, touching gently.

I carry mine, you carry yours.
I don’t save you, you don’t save me.
I don’t change you, you don’t change me.
In wholeness, we meet.
Two balloons, caressing gently.

I see your beauty, and you see mine.
I see your strength, and you see mine.
I love your defects, and you love mine.
In wholeness, we meet.
Two balloons, growing together.

With honesty we speak.
We dare to show up, just as we are.
Nothing to hide, nothing to fake.
I honor you, you honor me.
In wholeness, we meet.
Two balloons, shining brightly.

We choose to fly together.
Two balloons, touching slightly,
Two balloons, caressing gently,
Two balloons, growing greater,
Two balloons, shining brighter,
Through our gentle touch, we fly together.

In wholeness, we meet.
Love is the bond, and gratitude the motion.


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Natalie Jovanic

Natalie Jovanic is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Shiatsu Therapist. As a counsellor, they pass on what they believe in, but it isn’t just knowledge, theory, and professional experience. It is also their wisdom gained through their own transformative journey of healing abuse. Natalie is trained in trauma-informed practice and EMDR. They are the author of A Brave, True Story.