Love & Freedom

Relationships can be messy and we need to find the right balance so that we can love but do not lose ourselves. There may be two voices in our mind, one that urges us to give everything, the other one that encourages us to take self-care. Sometimes, we may be conflicted because we love people who have abusive behaviour. I hope that this poem will guide you to make choices that are for your best.

Love connects us,
Freedom allows us to choose to walk together.

Love wants us to spend our life together.
Freedom tells us that we won’t know before the end of our days.

Love sometimes urges us to give everything,
Freedom reminds us to stay on our path.

Love wants us to be loved,
Freedom softly guides us to love ourselves and have boundaries.

Love wants appreciation and approval,
Freedom advises us to let go of fear and show up as we are.

Love may urge us to promise that we’ll never leave each other,
Freedom gently reminds us to never take each other for granted and to continue our growth.

Love makes us wake up each morning together,
Freedom prompts us to look into our eyes and saying silently “yes” and “thank you” to each other with a smile.

Love, if ever it comes the day that we can’t continue walking together,
Freedom embraces us so that we are able to let go no matter how much we love.

Love never dies,
Freedom is everything.

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Natalie Jovanic

Natalie Jovanic is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Shiatsu Therapist. As a counsellor, they pass on what they believe in, but it isn’t just knowledge, theory, and professional experience. It is also their wisdom gained through their own transformative journey of healing abuse. Natalie is trained in trauma-informed practice and EMDR. They are the author of A Brave, True Story.