Video Counselling for Anxiety

Counselling for anxiety

Video Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety can show up on many occasions; whether it is when at the workplace or having a job interview, in social situations, while finding a partner or making new friends or constant worries about the future. We may have a sense that the anxiety is holding us back to live our lives to the fullest.

Does anxiety cause you distress?

While a certain level of anxiety is natural, anxiety can sometimes start to control our lives and cause significant distress. Anxiety can cause us to avoid certain situations, however, this avoidance can have the opposite effect and increase anxiety. In worse cases, anxiety can provoke a panic attack. Does anxiety cause you distress?

When can it be useful to seek counselling for anxiety?

You may consider finding new ways to deal with anxiety if you experience anxiety that reduces your quality of life or prevents you from achieving your goals. Furthermore, you may notice that you avoid certain situations because of your anxiety or that it is getting worse. While it might be hard for you to imagine right now, you can learn to manage your anxiety in a better way and improve your quality of life.

How can counselling for anxiety support you?

We are unique individuals and some strategies may work for you, others won’t. Through counselling for anxiety, you will find your individual strategies to deal with anxiety and improve your quality of living.

In our collaboration, you will:

  • Learn new strategies to manage your anxiety and experiment with them to find those that work well for you. 
  • Learn breathing and awareness techniques that support you in being present.
  • Increase your understanding of anxiety as part of the process of overcoming it.
  • Expand your social skills.

All our services are trauma-informed and LGBTQ2S+ inclusive.


The regular price is CA$75 per video counselling session. A sliding scale pricing is available to make counselling accessible for people with different income levels.

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What my clients say:

Heart-to-heart discussions to make complex decisions

Natalie is an excellent professional, committed and knowledgeable, and a wonderful and refreshingly honest person. They have helped me through some rather complex decisions, with exercises, role-playing, heart-to-heart discussions, and lots of encouragement.  I recommend Natalie wholeheartedly, and have the certainty that they have chosen the best role for their natural skills and abilities.


More Serenity

Natalie is a great professional counsellor who has shown me different ways of acting and has given me a broader view of what worried me at that moment. I have achieved more tranquility due to their techniques of development and I have gained new knowledge and wisdom.


Self-confidence through self-love and self-acceptance

I felt particularly well about having a space to reflect about me and to abreact without feeling judged. Natalie’s way of being and doing counselling made me feel protected and understood.
The process helped me to reflect about myself and to gain understanding and self-knowledge. I guess that this process of self-love and self-acceptance was what has helped me achieve this result in my current situation: Despite the fact that I feel that I close a cycle in my professional and personal life, I feel confident about myself, my intuition and perceptions that I did not have before or I just hadn’t developed. I’m glad about this.


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