Online Program for People in Toxic Relationships

Online Program for People in Toxic Relationships

Online Counselling Program “Break Free from a Toxic Relationship”

This program is for you if:

  • you want to break free from a toxic relationship, whether it is with a partner, a parent, or a sibling
  • you co-parent with an ex-partner who has toxic behaviours

What could you get out of counselling?

Dealing with people who have toxic relationship behaviour is painful. You may feel confused and full of self-doubt. This counselling program is specially designed for people in toxic relationships. It will help you to gain clarity and teach you the skills necessary to deal with a toxic relationship in an empowered way.

Toxic relationships may affect your physical health

Poor mental health is a risk factor for chronic physical conditions. Studies show that toxic relationships increase the risk to develop a heart problem by 34% and that people in unhealthy relationships are at a 67% higher risk to die sooner than those in more stable relationships. By choosing this online program, you can start taking care of your health today.

What will you get out of the program?

Through the program, you will:

  • LEARN TO DISCERN between healthy and toxic behaviours in relationships
  • INCREASE YOUR AWARENESS about unhealthy dynamics in your relationship
  • APPLY STRATEGIES to address unhealthy dynamics
  • LEARN SKILLS to have healthy behaviours in relationships
  • HEAL UNCONSCIOUS WOUNDS that block you from having healthy relationships
  • RELEASE painful emotions
  • INCREASE your self-confidence

This program is based on 7 sessions, but you do not have to take 7 sessions. You can choose how many sessions you need to achieve your goals.

Participating in the program, you will be empowered to deal with your relationship and make choices that are for your best.

What costs does the program have?

The regular price of the program is $65 per online session. Freedom Counselling Calgary intends to make counselling as affordable as possible. If you experience financial constraints, please ask for our sliding scale. Furthermore, we are offering a limited amount of free online counselling sessions each month to make counselling accessible for everyone and to give back to the community.

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