Online Counselling for Survivors of Childhood Abuse

Online Counselling for Survivors of Childhood Abuse

Are you a survivor of childhood abuse?

Growing up with childhood abuse is a painful and difficult experience, whether it is physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. The associated stigma may make it hard to talk about it. However, breaking the silence and getting counselling can help you to transform your suffering and experience life in a more joyful way.

Transform the effects of childhood abuse

While we cannot change what happened to us, we have a choice to heal and transform our lives, just like a lotus flower: while its roots grow in muddy and dirty water, the lotus flower rises above the mud and evolves into a beautiful, pure blossom.

Find freedom from childhood abuse

No matter where you are right now, counselling will support you to recover from the effects of childhood abuse and become whole. As a result, you will experience more joy in your life.

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I believe in the value and the importance of counselling for survivors of childhood abuse and want to make healing services accessible to as many people living in Canada as possible. I am also aware how difficult it is to get professional mental health service in remote areas. At $50 for an online counselling session, my intention is to offer professional mental health services to a broad spectrum of people who are committed to their healing journey.


Insurance companies that accept counsellors registered with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) are Sunlife, Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, Equitable Life of Canada, ClaimSecure, Compsych, and Manulife.

Please check the details with your service provider as not all plans cover counselling.  You will be responsible for payment to Freedom Counselling Calgary, and apply for reimbursement through your insurance company.

Online Counselling Session for Survivors of Childhood Abuse (45 min)