Mentoring Program for White Privilege

White privilege

Mentoring Program to Navigate White Privilege Healthily

This mentoring program is for you if you are a white coach, counsellor and social worker. Unfortunately, the coaching and counselling field hardly focuses on privilege and power. However, psychological safety isn’t distributed equitably in our society. The more privilege an individual has, the safer they are. Unfortunately, our privilege also blindfolds us. Therefore, we may unconsciously harm BIPOC clients. This program supports you in breaking the cycle of systemic violence.

As a result of the program, you will integrate anti-racist practice into your professional life and learn to navigate your white privilege without harming BIPOC clients. Choose to break the cycle of oppression today.

What will you get out of it?

Attending this program, you will:

    • Understand how social power dynamics impact you in your role as a white mental health professional
    • Discover how the dynamics of systemic racism influence psychological safety
    • Break free from white fragility and white silence
    • Learn to navigate white privilege healthily
    • Understand intersectionality and how it influences the therapeutic relationship
    • Work through any obstacles to practice anti-racism effectively.
    • Create an integrated approach to navigating white privilege in your professional role
    • Using your professional power to promote social justice
    • Conducting research based on an intersectional lens (optional)

Participating in the program, you will have a safe space to lean into uncomfortable conversation. The program is trauma-informed. The duration of the program is six months and consists of a monthly mentoring call (60 min) homework, and email support when needed.

Cost of the Mentoring Program “White Privilege”

The cost of the 6-month program is CAD 650 (+GST). If you are interested in working with me, please set up a free Discovery Session to get to know each other better.

About Natalie

Natalie (they/them) works mainly with clients from marginalized communities such as BIPOC people and gender diverse people. They started their journey in anti-racist practice when they were an adolescent and has integrated anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice into their counselling services.

Natalie also designs and facilitates for anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice for people with privilege on an organizational level and offers mentoring services for white health care professionals to take care of their white privilege. Their collaborations include organizations like the Calgary Foundation. They were also a guest in the podcast “Native Calgarian,” hosted by Michelle Robinson, an Indigenous activist. 

Further Resources

Download the free guidelines – How to navigate white privilege constructively.

Photo by Geralt on Pixabay.