Counselling for Recovery from Trauma (Online or in-person)

Online Counselling for Trauma

Counselling for Recovery from Trauma

Trauma is an emotional response to a deeply painful or disturbing event. Trauma usually overwhelms our ability to cope with the situation. The experience of the individual determines whether an event is traumatic. Adverse childhood experiences can also have a trauma-like impact. Therefore, there are no objective criteria to evaluate which events will produce post-trauma stress symptoms. 

Experiences of trauma may affect our mental, emotional, and physical health. Counselling for trauma can help you overcome the effects of trauma and increase your emotional and mental wellbeing.

How does the recovery process look like?

There are common principles to recover from the effects of trauma. However, each person has their individual healing journey. Therefore, it is important to create an individual treatment plan based on your specific situation.

In our collaboration, we will first evaluate your current situation and define treatment goals. Afterwards, we will create a treatment plan that is adapted to your needs. The following areas are common for recovering from trauma

  • Creating safety and stabilizing yourself in your life

  • Restore control over traumatic reactions like dissociations or flashbacks

  • Psychoeducation to better understand how trauma impacts our bodies

  • Process and integrate the traumatic experiences
  • Nurture post-traumatic growth

Many people are afraid to enter therapy to recover from trauma. This is natural since these memories were often too much to handle when they happened. However, in a therapeutic context, trauma resolution is done when the client is well prepared for it. If we do not integrate those memories, they may lead to maladaptive coping mechanisms. Additionally, they may prevent us from experience freedom and happiness.

A trauma-informed process ensures that the resolution of traumatic memories happens when it is manageable for the individual. Counselling for trauma supports you to recover from the effects of traumatic memories and re-create well-being in your life.

Cost of Counselling Sessions

Counselling sessions are provided either in-person or online via video. The price for an in-person session is CAD 105 (+GST). The cost for a video session is CAD 85 (+GST).

Special offer for new clients: in-person sessions for CAD 95 (+GST).

Free discovery session (via phone)

I am offering a free discovery session so that we can get to know each other better and answer any questions. If you are interested in working with me, please request a free discovery session by filling out the following form. I am looking forward to hearing from you:

About Natalie

Natalie Jovanic – as a Counsellor, Systemic Coach, and Facilitator – specializes in working with diverse clients who have experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences. Natalie is passionate about supporting their clients to transform their lives and experience more joy and fulfillment. Many of Natalie’s clients belong to marginalized communities such as sexually or gender-diverse people or BIPOC people. Their services are trauma-informed and integrate EMDR, recognized as the leading trauma-resolution method, as well as anti-oppressive/anti-racist practices.

Additionally, Natalie provides workshops, mentoring and consultancy services around power and privilege for organizations and mental health professionals. The training covers topics like navigating white privilege healthily, creating a respectful culture for gender and sexually diverse people, and anti-oppressive practices.

Natalie is also the author of A Brave, True Story and hosts the podcast Smart Relationship Moves. They are registered with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada and the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta.

Check out Natalie’s profile on Psychology Today.