Online Counselling for Trauma

Online Counselling for Trauma

Experiences of trauma affects us in many ways and can affect our mental, emotional and physical health. Counselling for trauma can help you overcome the effects of trauma and increase your emotional and mental wellbeing.

While there are common principles to heal from the effects of trauma, each person has their individual healing journey. Not every tool or method works for every person. It does not mean that there is something wrong with you, it just means that the specific method does not work for you.

Recovery from traumatic experiences

While each person has their individual recovery process, the following areas are common elements to recovery from trauma:

  • Creating safety and stabilizing yourself in your life

  • Restore control over traumatic reactions

  • Psychoeducation to better understand the symptoms

  • Process and integrate the traumatic experiences
  • Grieve the losses

  • Nurture post-traumatic growth

If you are afraid to enter therapy to recovery from trauma, this is common. Many people are afraid to enter therapy to recover from trauma. The process will be adapted to your individual needs and focus on creating safety first before processing traumatic experiences. Counselling for trauma can support you to recover from the effects of trauma and create well-being your live.


The regular price is CA$75 per video counselling session. A sliding scale pricing is available to make counselling accessible for people with different income levels.

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