Online Counselling for Queer Individuals

Online Counselling for Queer Individuals

Members of the LGBTQ2S+ community often struggle with finding appropriate support services since not all service providers are knowledgeable concerning issues that queer people face.

Freedom Counselling Calgary is happy to provide queer inclusive services based on personal and professional experience. To find out more about our expertise, please check out the information provided under Qualifications.

We give you a safe space

Freedom Counselling Calgary offers you safe space where you can explore your story and have the freedom to be yourself. In our collaboration, you can explore a variety of topics, such as dealing with family members who have disrespectful or discriminative behaviours, recovery from substance misuse, recovery from childhood abuse, or exploration of your gender and sexual identity.

We collaborate with you to empower yourself

Counselling is a process in which we will collaborate to achieve profound changes. As your counsellor, I listen to your story and support you in finding the answers your need within yourself. We will work together through possible conflicts and find ways how you can deal with  issues like discrimination or social isolation in an empowered way. It is about allowing you to explore and live who you truly are.

Counselling based on your individual needs

Everybody is unique and different, therefore no counselling process is the same. During your counselling process, we will the tools and resources that fit to your individual story, your personality and your needs. Additionally, you will become connect with your inner resources and capacities to deal with the world as it is.

We work with systemic perspective that considers your inner and outer world

Our inner world is often influenced by our outer world and vice versa. If you have experienced racism or discrimination, it influences your inner world. Counselling supports you to deal with these painful experiences in an empowering way and to recover from the influence these experiences had on your inner world.

Often, counselling means a process of profound change

This doesn’t mean that you have to become a different person, but you will gain a new perspective on yourself, your life, your relationships and our society. As a result, you will feel more aligned with yourself, more joyful and empowered to be yourself.

Take the next step and get a free phone consultation

We intend to make counselling affordable to as many people as possible. If you experience financial constraints, please ask for our sliding scale.

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Online Counselling Session for Queer Individuals (50min)