Online Counselling for Queer Individuals

Together, we are going through an unprecedented situation. The global pandemic is affecting all of us in many ways. We may face heightened levels of fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Taking care of your mental health and well-being is essential.  As a response to the pandemic, we are offering online counselling for a reduced rate of CA$40. (Discount code: RESILIENCE)

Members of the LGBTQ2S+ community often struggle with finding appropriate support services since not all service providers are knowledgeable concerning the issues that queer people face.

As a non-binary counsellor, I am able to provide queer inclusive services based my professional and personal experiences in the queer community. I facilitated a peer-support group for non-binary and female-identified individuals and provided workshops for suicide prevention with focus on queer people for the Ally Toolkit Conference and the Skipping Stone Foundation.

You have a safe space

I offers you safe space where you can explore your story and have the freedom to be yourself. In our collaboration, you can explore a variety of topics, such as:

  • Exploring your gender and sexual identity
  • Dealing with toxic family members or friends in an empowered way
  • Support throughout your coming out process
  • Managing social anxiety or other mental health issues

You find solutions to empower yourself

Counselling is a process in which we will collaborate to achieve profound changes. As the client, you define the goals you want to achieve with your process. As your counsellor, I listen to your story and support you in finding the answers your need within yourself. I might suggest tools I consider beneficial for you. I will collaborate with you so that you can achieve your goals.

Counselling based on your individual needs

Everybody is unique and different, therefore no counselling process is the same. During your counselling process, we will the tools and resources that fit to your individual story, your personality and your needs. Additionally, you will become connected with your inner resources and increase capacities to deal with the world as it is. As a result, you will feel more aligned with yourself, more joyful and empowered to be yourself.

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Online Counselling Session for Queer Individuals (50min)