Consultancy to Include Gender Diverse People

Consultancy Session to Include Gender Diverse People

Providing inclusive services for gender diverse people goes far beyond using the right pronouns or claiming to be a queer ally. Many cis gender mental health professional aren’t aware about the systemic oppression transgender, non-binary or other gender diverse people face in their daily lives. Many cis-spaces aren’t safe for gender diverse people. During this consultancy session, you can explore how to make your counselling or coaching services more inclusive for gender-diverse people and learn to navigate your cis-privilege healthily.

What will you get out of it?

Participating in a consultancy session, you will:

  • Be empowered to provide more respectful services to gender-diverse clients
  • Get answers to questions you don’t dare to ask your clients
  • Discover the pitfalls when working with a gender-diverse person
  • Become comfortable with navigating your cis-privilege healthily
  • Learn from Natalie’s wealth of lived experience as well as their work with transgender and non-binary clients.

Cost of the consultancy session

The cost of a consultancy session is CAD 150 (+GST). The duration is 60 min. If you are interested in booking one, please send a message to Natalie at natalie@nataliejovanic.com.

Social Justice Support

BIPOC gender diverse people face double discrimination which puts them at higher risk for mental health issues. They also face more systemic barriers due to their race and their gender identity in finding appropriate mental health support. If you are a BIPOC helping professional, please accept the consultancy session at a discounted price of CAD 95 (+GST).

Further Resources

Download the free guide White Privilege 101.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash