Natalie’s Memoir: A Brave, True Story

Have you wondered whether it is possible to break the cycle of violence?

I don’t know about you. But I have thought about it a lot as a survivor of childhood abuse.  For many years, the secret about my family made me lower my head in guilt and shame. I kept it buried deep in my soul. The stigma associated with violence and sexual abuse were powerful enough to quieten my story for many years. And yet, telling this crucial story transformed my life from simply doing the motions of life to embrace life with my heart wide open. Healing was my path to find freedom and to break the cycle of violence.

What is the story you keep buried deep in your soul?

As an adult, I repeated the patterns I had learned as a child and stayed in emotionally abusive and manipulative relationships. I didn’t know any better.

When my second relationship failed, I had the choice to either stay single for the rest of my life out of fear and frustration and allow my past to dictate my future or to heal myself and break the cycle of violence. I decided to heal myself. In this honest, true story, I now share my experiences about healing violence in relationships. It’s my journey to become a happier and stronger person who is proud of their scars. I invite you to read my story as a turning point for your journey.

Are you ready to change your life?

There are still too many people who hide their experiences for fear of what someone else will think or say about them. Whatever happened to you, you are not alone and nothing can destroy your worthiness and dignity. Living an authentic and fulfilled life isn’t a matter of luck, it’s a journey that starts within yourself. You have the choice to open your heart, learn and grow and liberate yourself from the negative impact of your past. While recovery is a choice, it is the only choice that allows us to break the cycle of violence that we learned as children. If we do not heal our past, we are likely to repeat the cycle of violence whether we want it or not.

Are you ready to break the cycle of violence?

I hope that my story will empower you to face your shadow, heal your heart and become the whole remarkable person who resides within you. My intention when I wrote the book was to empower you to become whole and move forward into a happier and brighter future where a new world of relationships awaits you.

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"This true and inspiring story of sadness and joy, disappointment and happiness, will touch your heart and help you to release your full potential for living."

— Brian Tracy, Author of 'No Excuses'