7 Magical Principles to Find Happiness

7 Magical Principles to Find Happiness

Years ago, while washing my hair, I caught myself watching the water disappear down the drain. A feeling emerged from within me that I could finally put words to; I felt as if it was my life that was running away. I had a good job and a relationship, but I was trapped in my own fears and with a deep feeling of worthlessness. I felt sad and miserable. Can you relate to this? I knew that I deserved something better. I needed to do something, and I knew that only I could make the difference. So I started this process of change.

I cut my hair, took drawing classes, started yoga and moved into an internationally based career. I could not wait to see if the personal changes I was making would make other areas of my life better. That day, I took responsibility for my own happiness. On my journey, I learned that happiness does not depend on my relationship status. My abusive childhood also did not block me from finding happiness. I was the only person who was in charge of it. Nobody else could do this for me. I was responsible to find it within myself – and I did.

The principles I share in this guide helped me to transform sadness and misery into happiness. I now pass them on to support you on your journey. After reading this free guide, you will:

  • KNOW 7 principles that will increase your happiness.
  • BE EMPOWERED to put these principles into action with activities that are fun and easy to use.

As a result, you will feel happier in your life, and you will be empowered to make more positive choices for yourself.

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