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Broken Hearted

For the brokenhearted…

Then, this poem is for you. I hope that it softly guides you during this challenging time. To the woman within me I’ve beaten you up. I’ve dragged you down. … Read moreFor the brokenhearted…

In Wholeness, We Meet

Love is a mystery and has many faces. This love poetry aims for explaining how love can grow in a relationship. In wholeness, we meet. I am I, and you … Read moreIn Wholeness, We Meet

Love & Freedom

Relationships can be messy and we need to find the right balance so that we can love but do not lose ourselves. There may be two voices in our mind, … Read moreLove & Freedom

Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

When I was healing from the effects of sexual abuse and violence, I faced many different reactions. Some were damaging, others helped me to heal and connect with my full … Read moreThe Greatest Gift