Forgiveness – Your Choice To Find Freedom

I listened to my friend’s voice on the phone, That Saturday, twenty years ago, I was ill, and she didn’t give me the right medication. She just didn’t see what … Read moreForgiveness – Your Choice To Find Freedom

Do You Believe in Miracles?

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Toxic Relationships

What Are the Limits of Love in A Relationship?

“I don´t need to own to love. I don´t want to be the owner of the person I love. I neither want to conquer nor take: love is not an … Read moreWhat Are the Limits of Love in A Relationship?

What If You Fear Relationships…?

Sometimes we learned difficult and hurtful lessons in life and as result, we fear relationships and deep connections. Let me tell you my story: We were at a wonderful market, … Read moreWhat If You Fear Relationships…?

A Wolf’s Separation

Once upon a time, there was a majestic wolf who lived happily and content with his female companion and their offspring in a green forest out of fir trees. The … Read moreA Wolf’s Separation