Stalking is Not OK

It was a dark night in November when the doorbell rang at 6 p.m. I pushed the button to open the door, thinking that it must be a delivery. I … Read moreStalking is Not OK

Do You Struggle With Online Dating?

I sat in front of Emma. She was a white-haired lady with a colorful hat and vibrant blue eyes. I was ready for a new relationship, and, being an introvert, … Read moreDo You Struggle With Online Dating?

Blame May Damage Your Relationship

My colleagues and left the fairground. My feet were hurting. I was happy to feel the sun on my face and to leave the noise of the exhibition hall behind … Read moreBlame May Damage Your Relationship

Do You Know Your Boundaries?

 I felt tense. It was early in the morning. I moved around on my chair to relieve my tension. The trainer gave the instructions for the next exercise. I knew I … Read moreDo You Know Your Boundaries?

For the brokenhearted…

Then, this poem is for you. I hope that it softly guides you during this challenging time. To the woman within me I’ve beaten you up. I’ve dragged you down. … Read moreFor the brokenhearted…

Do You Feel Bored in Your Life?

I felt so bored lately. Running again. The same old route. There is nothing new. My runs got shorter and shorter. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run. I … Read moreDo You Feel Bored in Your Life?

Secret Story About Abuse

What’s your Secret Story about Abuse in Relationships?

One hundred people – therapists, counsellors, social workers and clients – in a room. All is silent. What’s next? They are looking at her. She sits next to the therapist, her … Read moreWhat’s your Secret Story about Abuse in Relationships?

Saying No

5 Wrong Reasons to Say ‘Yes’

Learning to say ‘no’ was one of my greatest obstacles for having a joyful and authentic relationship. My struggle originated from my childhood where I had experienced dysfunctional relationships. As … Read more5 Wrong Reasons to Say ‘Yes’

Did the Man You Love Leave You?

Well, the man I’ve loved most in my life left me. It happened more than two years ago. He was my best friend and the man I trusted most in … Read moreDid the Man You Love Leave You?