Toxic Behaviour

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy

5 Strategies to Respond to Toxic Behaviour People with toxic behaviour are difficult to handle. I had my fair share of them. How about you? Toxic relationships influence our well-being … Read moreDon’t Let Them Steal Your Joy

Protection From Emotionally Abusive Behaviour

Have you ever had a landlord with emotionally abusive behaviour? Unfortunately, I met one a couple of years ago. Let me tell you my story: The banging at my door … Read moreProtection From Emotionally Abusive Behaviour

Gender Identity

Gender is a Social Construct

How do you relate with your gender identity? I sat in the workshop. The instructor said, “Let’s do an icebreaker exercise. Everybody gets a card with a color and, then … Read moreGender is a Social Construct

How to Break Free From Unhealthy Relationships

What unhealthy relationships do you experience in your life? Throughout my life, I had a fair share of unhealthy relationships, whether it was my sister or a close friend. Being … Read moreHow to Break Free From Unhealthy Relationships

How to Find a Good Counsellor

How to find a good counsellor, this question was constantly on my mind when I first started my healing journey. In the beginning, I did not really know what to … Read moreHow to Find a Good Counsellor


4 Refreshing Perspectives of Success

We were in the kitchen, preparing dinner. I just had met my date a couple of weeks ago and I was curious to get to him better. I asked him … Read more4 Refreshing Perspectives of Success


Three Essential Lessons about Suicide

Outside my room, the sun was shining. In the distance, I heard the voices of children who were playing. Inside my room, I sat on the floor in my room. … Read moreThree Essential Lessons about Suicide

Do You Know What Freedom Is?

On a warm night in September when I was just 19 my mother died after a life-long battle with cancer. I woke up and I knew that she was gone. … Read moreDo You Know What Freedom Is?


Stalking is Not OK

It was a dark night in November when the doorbell rang at 6 p.m. I pushed the button to open the door, thinking that it must be a delivery. I … Read moreStalking is Not OK