4 Refreshing Perspectives of Success

We were in the kitchen, preparing dinner. I just had met my date a couple of weeks ago and I was curious to get to him better. I asked him … Read more4 Refreshing Perspectives of Success


Three Essential Lessons about Suicide

Outside my room, the sun was shining. In the distance, I heard the voices of children who were playing. Inside my room, I sat on the floor in my room. … Read moreThree Essential Lessons about Suicide

Do You Know What Freedom Is?

On a warm night in September when I was just 19 my mother died after a life-long battle with cancer. I woke up and I knew that she was gone. … Read moreDo You Know What Freedom Is?


Stalking is Not OK

It was a dark night in November when the doorbell rang at 6 p.m. I pushed the button to open the door, thinking that it must be a delivery. I … Read moreStalking is Not OK

Online Dating

Do You Struggle With Online Dating?

I sat in front of Emma. She was a white-haired lady with a colorful hat and vibrant blue eyes. I was ready for a new relationship, and, being an introvert, … Read moreDo You Struggle With Online Dating?

Blame May Damage Your Relationship

My colleagues and left the fairground. My feet were hurting. I was happy to feel the sun on my face and to leave the noise of the exhibition hall behind … Read moreBlame May Damage Your Relationship

Do You Know Your Boundaries?

 I felt tense. It was early in the morning. I moved around on my chair to relieve my tension. The trainer gave the instructions for the next exercise. I knew I … Read moreDo You Know Your Boundaries?

Broken Hearted

For the brokenhearted…

Then, this poem is for you. I hope that it softly guides you during this challenging time. To the woman within me I’ve beaten you up. I’ve dragged you down. … Read moreFor the brokenhearted…

Do You Feel Bored in Your Life?

I felt so bored lately. Running again. The same old route. There is nothing new. My runs got shorter and shorter. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run. I … Read moreDo You Feel Bored in Your Life?