Perspective on Healing

My Perspective on Healing


Freedom Counselling Calgary is committed to supporting people on their journey towards creating healthier, more authentic, and more fulfilled lives. By offering counselling, advocacy, coaching, Shiatsu therapy, and Reiki, Freedom Counselling Calgary empowers clients to integrate trauma, develop self-worth, and resilience.


As clients have the opportunity to grow and heal, the relationships in our communities will become healthier, more genuine, and more meaningful and we will reduce abuse of power.


Client Empowerment
Anti-oppression and Cultural Humility
Non-judgment and Compassion
Continuous Growth and Learning

Perspective on Healing

Healing in the Therapeutic Relationship

In my perspective on healing, the therapeutic relationship that the therapist creates with the client is vital for the success of therapy. As a therapist, I am not in the role of an expert who tells you what to do. From my perspective, you are the expert in your life and I support you in finding the answers you need within yourself. While the therapeutic relationship is important, your level commitment to your healing will also contribute to your success. Through our collaboration, you will increase your self-awareness, self-acceptance and your responsibility.


The process will be an honest dialogue between you and me. Through this dialogue, you will connect with yourself in a deeper and more genuine way. We will be companions who go on a journey together, and neither of us understands fully where this will end. You and I will be changed by our encounter. This journey is a flowing and creative process. I hope that I understand your inner world intuitively and that I let you know what personal reactions to you in our therapeutic relationship. I believe that our relationship will help you take actual risks in transforming yourself and your life outside of our sessions.

Self-awareness and Creativity

In our sessions, I intend to create a climate of openness, trust, caring, understanding, and acceptance. I focus my attention on what arises in your awareness throughout the sessions. We will create experiments that allow you to gain a deeper awareness and to outgrow your challenges. Furthermore, you will have a safe space where you can experience your feelings fully and work through them.

Liberating Yourself from Social Influences

As your therapist, I intend to manage the power differential in our sessions. You will also create a deeper understanding of how social influences affect your story. This includes that you will find ways to be yourself while making your own choices and standing up for yourself.


I am aware that a diagnosis can be helpful for you to access proper support in case of severe conditions like schizophrenia and diagnosis. As your therapist, I will collaborate with you on creating new ways to deal with your symptoms, however I do not diagnose you. Diagnosis may cloud vision and may diminish the ability to relate to the other as a human being. There could also be a risk that the diagnosis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and I want to avoid this.