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Transform a past of abuse and trauma and find joy in healthy, authentic relationships.


Natalie's passion is supporting people transform dysfunctional relationships into joyful ones that allow love to grow. It doesn't matter where you are, whether you have experienced unhealthy relationships in your past or today, you have the power to say no to abusive behaviour and start creating healthy relationships today.

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7 Magical Principles to Find Happiness

Do you struggle with sadness and misery? Get the free guide “7 Magical Principles to Transform Sadness and Misery into Happiness.” Find out about easy actions you can take to transform your life.


A Brave, True Story – Memoir

What is your secret story about violence in relationships? A Brave, True Story is mine. For many years, it made me lower my head in guilt and shame. I kept it buried deep in my soul. The stigma associated with violence and sexual abuse were powerful enough to quieten my story for many years. And yet, telling this … Read moreA Brave, True Story – Memoir


Create Your Vision of A Fabulous Relationship

Do you end up in the wrong relationship? Just imagine for a moment. You end up in the right relationship with a great man by your side. How does it make you feel? Dreams do come true and the self-help program “Create Your Vision of a Fabulous Relationship” supports you in this. Find out more about it.


Individual Counselling Session

An individual counselling session offers you support to transform your life, it doesn’t matter what your issue is. In our session, you will have a safe space where you can share your stories without being judged. And you do not have to do it not alone because I will be your empathic witness. Through the … Read moreIndividual Counselling Session


7 Important Questions to Show Your Partner is the Right Match

Are your frustrated with your relationship? If so, have you ever asked yourself if your partner is the right match? Get this free report and find it out.


Case Studies

Case Study: Emily

Emily was unable to trust her partner, and she always found men whom she has to save from their unhappiness – a task impossible to achieve. Emily was the daughter of a mother who had problems with alcohol. How often her mother had promised her to make the dinner? How often had she broken this … Read moreCase Study: Emily


Case Study: Jill

Jill had a partner who told her every day that she wasn’t good enough. One day, she was too fat, and the next day, her ideas were insane. He looked at her with disapproval. Jill was unhappy in her relationship but felt unable to leave her partner because she thought that she didn’t deserve anything … Read moreCase Study: Jill


"Natalie’s way of being made me feel protected and understood. In addition, I was sure that she has always been honest with me.
 Our collaboration helped me to gain understanding and self-knowledge. This process of self-love and self-acceptance helped me to feel confident about myself, my intuition and perceptions that I did not have before."

- Laura