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Bright Horizon Therapies specializes in working with diverse clients who have experienced trauma, adverse childhood experiences, or toxic relationships. Natalie is passionate about supporting their clients to transform their lives and experience more joy and fulfillment. Their counselling services are trauma-informed and integrate EMDR, recognized as the leading trauma-resolution method, as well as anti-oppressive/anti-racist practice. 

Offers . . .

Relationship Counselling (Online or in-person)

Is your relationship at a difficult spot right now? Or are you and your partner stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity? If we have grown up in a dysfunctional family, we may never have learned healthy behaviour in relationships. As adults, we repeat the patterns we have learned as children. However, you can break … Read more Relationship Counselling (Online or in-person)


Counselling for Survivors of Childhood Abuse (online or in-person)

Are you a survivor of childhood abuse? Growing up with childhood abuse is a painful and difficult experience, whether it is physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. The associated stigma may make it hard to talk about it. When I first started my healing journey, I felt scared and I did not know to expect. However, … Read more Counselling for Survivors of Childhood Abuse (online or in-person)


Shiatsu Treatment (60 min)

Shiatsu is a physical therapy that was developed in Japan. It derives from traditional Chinese medicine and has influences from Western therapy. Shiatsu works on the whole person and integrates the physical body with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Treatable conditions Shiatsu is used to treat a wide range from conditions … Read more Shiatsu Treatment (60 min)


Counselling for People in Unhealthy Relationships

Do you relate to this? If you are in an unhealthy relationship, you may feel confused and full of self-doubt. You may not know what is the best step to take. While you love your partner,  you do not know how to be around them. You may have a sense that something is off but … Read more Counselling for People in Unhealthy Relationships


Case Studies

Case Study: Jill

Jill had a partner who told her every day that she wasn’t good enough. One day, she was too fat, and the next day, her ideas were insane. He looked at her with disapproval. Jill was unhappy in her relationship but felt unable to leave her partner because she thought that she didn’t deserve anything … Read more Case Study: Jill


Case Study: Emily

Emily was unable to trust her partner, and she always found men whom she has to save from their unhappiness – a task impossible to achieve. Emily was the daughter of a mother who had problems with alcohol. How often her mother had promised her to make the dinner? How often had she broken this … Read more Case Study: Emily


"Natalie’s way of being made me feel protected and understood. In addition, I was sure that she has always been honest with me.
 Our collaboration helped me to gain understanding and self-knowledge. This process of self-love and self-acceptance helped me to feel confident about myself, my intuition and perceptions that I did not have before."

- Laura