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Bright Horizon Therapies specializes in working with diverse clients who have experienced trauma, adverse childhood experiences, or toxic relationships. Natalie is passionate about supporting their clients to transform their lives and experience more joy and fulfillment. Their counselling services are trauma-informed and integrate EMDR, recognized as the leading trauma-resolution method, as well as anti-oppressive/anti-racist practice. 

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Accountability Circle – White Privilege

Do you want to break the cycle of oppression and systemic racism as a white mental health professional? If so, this monthly accountability circle is for you. By participating in this circle, you will work towards navigating your white privilege as mental health professional healthily. Unfortunately, anti-racist practice is not an obligation in the mental … Read more Accountability Circle – White Privilege


Manage Toxic Relationships Effectively – Workbook

Do you know how to navigate toxic relationships? Unfortunately, toxic relationships are a constant part of our reality, whether it is in romantic relationships, friendships, at work or within families. While toxic dynamics are painful, we can learn how to navigate them effectively. I don’t know about you, but knowing them saved me from a … Read more Manage Toxic Relationships Effectively – Workbook


Mentoring program for White Privilege

Mentoring Program to Navigate White Privilege Healthily This mentoring program is for you if you are a white coach, counsellor and social worker. Unfortunately, the coaching and counselling field hardly focuses on privilege and power. However, psychological safety isn’t distributed equitably in our society. The more privilege an individual has, the safer they are. Unfortunately, … Read more Mentoring program for White Privilege


Counselling to Empower Queer Individuals (Online or in-person)

Members of the LGBTQ2S+ community often struggle with finding appropriate support services since not all service providers are knowledgeable concerning the issues that queer people face. You have a safe space I offers you safe space where you can explore your story and have the freedom to be yourself. In our collaboration, you can explore … Read more Counselling to Empower Queer Individuals (Online or in-person)


Relationship Counselling (Online or in-person)

Is your relationship at a difficult spot right now? Or are you and your partner stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity? If we have grown up in a dysfunctional family, we may never have learned healthy behaviour in relationships. As adults, we repeat the patterns we have learned as children. However, you can break … Read more Relationship Counselling (Online or in-person)


Consultancy to Include Gender Diverse People

Consultancy Session to Include Gender Diverse People Providing inclusive services for gender diverse people goes far beyond using the right pronouns or claiming to be a queer ally. Many cis gender mental health professional aren’t aware about the systemic oppression transgender, non-binary or other gender diverse people face in their daily lives. Many cis-spaces aren’t … Read more Consultancy to Include Gender Diverse People


Counselling for Recovery from Trauma (Online or in-person)

Counselling for Recovery from Trauma Trauma is an emotional response to a deeply painful or disturbing event. Trauma usually overwhelms our ability to cope with the situation. The experience of the individual determines whether an event is traumatic. Adverse childhood experiences can also have a trauma-like impact. Therefore, there are no objective criteria to evaluate … Read more Counselling for Recovery from Trauma (Online or in-person)


Counselling for Anxiety (online or in-person)

Counselling for Anxiety Anxiety can show up on many occasions: for some people it is at their workplace or during a job interview. Other people feel anxious in social situations, while finding a partner or making new friends. Some people experience constant worries about the future. While a certain level of anxiety is natural, it … Read more Counselling for Anxiety (online or in-person)


White Privilege 101

Do you want to take care of your white privilege but don’t know how? Many white people want to contribute to anti-racist change but feel insecure about where to start. Let’s face it, nobody has taught us in school how we could navigate our white privilege healthily. We lack positive role models who show us … Read more White Privilege 101


Case Studies

Case Study: Jill

Jill had a partner who told her every day that she wasn’t good enough. One day, she was too fat, and the next day, her ideas were insane. He looked at her with disapproval. Jill was unhappy in her relationship but felt unable to leave her partner because she thought that she didn’t deserve anything … Read more Case Study: Jill


Case Study: Emily

Emily was unable to trust her partner, and she always found men whom she has to save from their unhappiness – a task impossible to achieve. Emily was the daughter of a mother who had problems with alcohol. How often her mother had promised her to make the dinner? How often had she broken this … Read more Case Study: Emily


"Natalie’s way of being made me feel protected and understood. In addition, I was sure that she has always been honest with me.
 Our collaboration helped me to gain understanding and self-knowledge. This process of self-love and self-acceptance helped me to feel confident about myself, my intuition and perceptions that I did not have before."

- Laura